• Viraj Malaka

"Deep Insert"​,the modern face of ATM skimming.

If you think you can detect a compromised ATM from the physical look only, you are terribly mistaken. Say hello to "Deep Inserts", as the technology and security evolve with the time criminals also find new and innovative methods to carry out their daily routines. "Deep Inserts" are also like that, criminals have found a way to disguise their techniques and tactics from the eyes of the vigilant users.

An ATM compromised with Deep Inserts feels and looks same like a legitimate uncompromised ATM. Traditional skimming device is attached to the outside of the ATM, usually cleverly disguised as the front of the ATM card reader and extremely difficult for anyone to identify. The deep insert skimmer has proven to be more dangerous, typically extremely thin, and designed to be inserted deep within the card reader itself, making it even more difficult for Anti-Skimming Devices to detect their presence. At the instance you insert your card to the ATM, your card information is sent to the criminal without even you knowing it. So, how this Deep Insert works?

As you can see from the above picture, Deep Insert skimmer is inserted into the card slot of the ATM and it it remains stuck inside the ATM card slot. Because of its razor slim design it also leaves space for the victims card inside the ATM card slot. The Deep Insert is physically invisible, so there is no evidence that the ATM is compromised.

You can clearly see the components of the Deep Insert from the above picture. This particular device stores the card information the SD card mounted on the device itself. Some devices transmit card information live to the criminal as the very instance of the card insertion.

TIP: If your card does not insert, remove easily or gets jammed there is a chance that a deep insert skimmer (shimmer) has been installed.

Here you can see a criminal inserting a Deep Insert skimming device to an ATM in Sri Lanka.

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