• Mohan Chathuranga

Top 10 most dangerous celebrities

Here are the celebrities who are used as a disguise to damage your privacy and security

Every rose has its thorn, right? Apparently, the same goes for actress Ruby Rose, as her newfound popularity from “Orange is the New Black” has made her both famous, and maybe even dangerous. At least when it comes to online interactions. You heard correctly, the newly announced Batwoman has also been crowned McAfee’s Most Dangerous Celebrity this year.

For the twelfth year in a row, McAfee researched famous individuals to reveal the riskiest celebrity to search for online, or, which search results could expose fans to malicious sites. Ruby Rose took home the top spot in 2018, but curious about who the runner-ups are? Here’s the full list:

McAfee says cyber criminals are known to use popular celebrities to try and trick you into clicking on links that go through to malicious sites.

The sites are used to install malware or steal personal information and passwords. Cyber criminals are well aware of this trait and make full use of it to send across malware or to launch phishing attacks. An innocent search for celeb news could land a user in the murky world of viruses, hacking and scam.

For those new to the survey, the term ‘sensational’ indicates the level of risks linked to online searches involving their names. Which basically means that if you were looking up more details on Ruby Rose and keyed in ‘Ruby Rose + movies’, there is a chance of the search showing unsafe pages and links. The prudent thing to do, is to be aware of what you are clicking on, and use tools like a website reputation checker and a comprehensive security solution.


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